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Copy songs from YouTube

YouTube were plenty and abundant with kinds of songs or videos. Surprisingly, even some rarest songs or videos are most likely to be found on YouTube. There may be some time that you want to copy songs from YouTube to the library of your iPod or other mp3 players, but you do not always find a direct link for downloading.

In order to copy YouTube songs onto your portable players, you need first record songs and then save them as the proper format that matches with devices. One software that you need is Streaming Music Recorder helping you record streaming music.

copy songs from YouTube

Brief introduction

Streaming Music Recorder is both a copying tool and converter. The process will be simplified as if you follow the basic procedures. First, copy songs off YouTube; second, save them on your computer. Last but not the least, transfer them or put them onto your gadgets. Read as follows:

Guide: How to copy YouTube songs

1. Download and run Streaming Music Recorder

2. Proceed to specify the appropriate output format and folder for your music files. You need to switch to “Settings” icon to make detailed settings including save your FLV files as mp3. Note: This step determines whether you can copy songs from YouTube to mp3.

copy songs off YouTube 

3. Find your desired songs on YouTube, the song will be grabbed automatically as soon as you click “On”. Wait patiently, right click “Off” to finish recording.

4. Then click “Play” icon to test whether you copy songs off YouTube successfully.

5. The last step is tagging your mp3 with name, artist, genre etc.

Guide: How to copy songs from YouTube to CD

When you go out for a long drive, instead of wasting time and energy on commute, you can enjoy the comfort of trips while listening to music. So are you fancy the idea of copying music from YouTube to CD. Well, all these basic steps will meet your need:

copy songs off YouTube

  1. Select Tools – CD burner
  2. You need to put an audio CD into computer’s drive in advance
  3. Press “Add” to load your files for burning to CDs
  4. Just do it as the above windows displays, you can see how to settle its writer and writing speed
  5. After some necessary settings, just start burning

In the light of the above two guides, it will not be difficult and take your energy to copy songs from YouTube, enjoy your favorite songs no matter where you go.

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