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How to Get music from spotify

Spotify, a social music website that provides a platform for users to stream millions of free and high quality music online. It has met with great favor for music fans. I see most people always go to forum to ask whether they can get music from spotify free without getting into any legal trouble?

As for paying customers, you can certainly download spotify songs by kipping ads. But gradually you probably want to economize and will be reluctant to pay for every song. What should you do?

Smart answer to get songs from spotify

Personally, I think the best way to wean you off illegal but free downloading is to record music with Streaming Music Recorder. If you are going to be just for your person use, this could be a safe and positive solution.

get music from spotify

Get music from spotify to enjoy on the go

For a start: Download and run Streaming Music Recorder

There spotify subscription offered for you: Free, premium and unlimited service. Choose the most appropriate for you. Follow the below steps to get songs from spotify:

1. Press “settings” button to set a folder and format for your spotify music files.
2. Visit your Spotify digital music service and select a song that you are going to record.
3. Start to get music from spotify by clicking on “Record”, hit “off” to finish recording.

get songs from spotify

How to get music from spotify to iTunes

Someone probably have a thought to save music on iPhone4. You can do it like this: Import your recorded music to iTunes, find the menu bar from iTunes and then add your file into iTunes. After this, synchronize your music file to iPhone4. You will be able to enjoy spotify songs on the go. If you desire to edit music for iPhone4 ringtones, you may employ more effects to your recordings.

User- friendly instructions: you are totally free to use this full version product for 30 days trial period. During this period, if you’d like to save mp3 songs from spotify, only ten piece of songs can be recorded altogether. In addition, you can get music from YouTube, napster, rhapsody, grooveshark etc. You’d better try its other functions as well. For instance, record web radio shows, convert music to wma, wav, aac etc, edit your music for smart phones and burn music to CDs etc. If you are pleased with all main functions, just purchase its final version.

Things to do here:

Streaming Music Recorder gives you details how to record music from spotify and transfer them to your iPhone. Likewise, you are allowed to download songs to your other players iPod, Zune, PSP and all other MP3 players. I want to give you some ideas, spotify is also workable for smart phones, you can directly stream spotify on your mobiles.

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