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How to record Pandora radio

Pandora radio is a personalized and automated internet radio service that serves free online music. Masses of users just need to input a song or artist that they enjoy, the service will swiftly gather thousands of similar music selections of your choice. Then you can enjoy all the current music and favorite songs, leaving a few comments on music if you like.

 record music from Pandora

The majority of users find getting Pandora radio download is not that easy, they always bundled with some restrictions that cause inconvenience to them. Since it is legal to record Pandora radio, why not figure out a way to make it.

Streaming Music Recorder is the exact way that helps you out. Believe it or not, you would have felt almost sure to record Pandora music with this small but effective music recorder, which is a professional way to record music from Pandora radio. It’s very easy to use once you get it going. If you do not have it yet, you will need to download Streaming Music Recorder first and run on your computer.

Learn how to record Pandora radio

The following tutorials will demonstrate how to record Pandora music and save it to your hard drive disk. It will also be able to optionally record any song that gets streamed through Pandora radio.

Get ready to record Pandora stream

Just download online music recorder now>>

After installation of Streaming Music Recorder, start on the application. Before you record Pandora music, you can click “Settings” on the right top of tool bar to make a few recording settings such as specify its output formats and destination folder.

Start to record music from Pandora
Open Pandora radio webpage, find the right song for playing, click on “Record” tab, then right hit “On” button, the music is being recorded if audio spectrum graph shows. When it comes to finish recording, you just press “Off” button. Now you did it!

Tips: You can also directly switch to “Record” tab, then make a few settings to the recording here.

record pandora music

You did it, just easily record songs off Pandora.

What can Streaming Music Recorder do?

Now it is just such a cake walk to record music from Pandora with Streaming Music Recorder, besides working as audio recorder, some other key features you should take notice of:

Record any online music, audio and radio
The program that automatically records music, audio, radio from any website you visit like YouTube, MySpace, Imeem, Pandora, AOL radio or

Convert and edit audio files
You are sure to find a compatible format from one of the many standard formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, AAC for your playback device. For example, you can directly save files to any formats you like after you record Pandora radio. Certainly, you are able to edit your audio file of your choice.

Give you ID3 tags editor
The software also combined with id3 tags, from which you can store music title, singer, albums or other information in MP3 files.

Combined with CD burner and CD ripper
It supports burning audio files to CD disks and ripping audio files from CDs as well; whether you want to listen to music on your gadgets or get them on your own CD player, either of them would give you some convenience.

Whatever you listen to online, Streaming Music Recorder can record it and then convert it into the right file format. Just experience the great power of this helpful software. Good, action now.

  • 1 Taylor ~ May 30, 2011 at 7:46 am

    :wink: I followed your step by step guides for copying music off Pandora radio. I am capable of recording what I am listening to on the website Pandora but I am always worrying about whether I violate the copyrights because it always pops up windows “remind me to obey the rules”. When I finish recording music, nothing happens. Anything could be legal?

  • 2 Lily ~ Jun 10, 2011 at 2:16 am

    Hey, I am trying to use the tool to record music of Pandora. Works pretty well so far. I was just asking to see if this would record Skype calls. Can you give me a way to do it? Many thanks for your help

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