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How to record internet music

Thousands of sites like Pandora, imeem, iLike,, grooveshark, deezer, and many others provide users with free music streaming services. The music characterizes in the variety of the content and multiplicity of style. The only pity is that you can just listen to your favorite songs online, but cannot be allowed to download music from the internet because of music privacy.

record music from internet

You must want to know if there are many free music sites on the web, which offers free and legal music for you to download. Perhaps you finally got some for yourself, but they are not exactly what you want. Instead, you couldn’t help thinking how you could download music from those good music websites legally.

Simple ways to record internet music

Since you are perplexed about what to do, the method that advocated is to record music from internet to your hard discs. I mean if you do not spread music recordings everywhere on the internet purposely, it’s quite feasible for you to do it.

The next problem is how to record internet music. Without question, you need an audio recording application that can record streaming music. Here present some of ingenious ways; choose the right one in conjunction with your own preferences.

Record internet songs with Streaming Music Recorder

This software application is used to record any sound coming through your computer, if you can hear, you can record.

Now download this Streaming Music Recorder and have it installed on your computer. The following guide will show you how to use it:

Guide: After installation, open the interface; From “Settings” button, specify a target folder and output format for music recordings. Once you find music for playing, begin with “On” button. You are capable of recording music from internet in mp3, wav, wma, aac, ogg format.

record internet music

You may quickly look at its other functions: this program record internet radio shows, audio, background music from movie, audio from flash video and any sound as you wish, also record sound from your microphone as well as record music from CD etc. Besides, it combines with other features such as CD burner, editor, mixer, convertor etc.

Record internet music with other methods

First option: Camstudio has capacity to record internet songs on your computer. However, this free recording tool records all screen activity, so you have to save music with bundled videos. It is not convenient for you to save space on your iPod, MP3 players or other gadgets.

Second option: In this guide, you will be introduced to use sound recorder, available on any widows PC. If you do a little digging, you will find sound recorder when you follow the steps: open “Start” menu, click “All programs” and then switch to “Accessories”. Before you record music off internet, select “wave out” and “stereo mix” as input device from “Sound” icon on the desktop right bottom corner. This one is easy to use, but it will be hard work for you to edit and make your desired music.

Third option: In order to cater to the needs of Mac users, GarageBand is a good reference, which applies to Mac OS X. You can use it to record music from internet and create your own music as well.

The methods listed above are just included for information. You’d better choose one that perfect for you to record internet music. If you want to pull your ideas here, you may comment here. Welcome to join us.

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