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A simple tutorial to record online songs

When it comes to Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Beyonce, James, Rihanna and many other great stars, idolater appeared in a rash. There always some loyal groupies want eagerly to get their songs on individual’s music library. Are you the one who is crazy about their songs, performance and great singing? And you hope to record online songs without purchasing?

recording online songs

That was certainly good news for us to get free songs of these big stars, guess no one will give up such a good opportunity. Undoubtedly, you should first find a good online songs recorder to get this job done.

An example to record online songs

Take the case of Selena Gomez’s songs; now please look at how to download this free song with some smart software. Recommend some widely welcomed and recognized soft product to record a song online.

Example: Selena Gomez new song – Who says

If you want to record “Who says” as you are listening to it on YouTube, the following explanation will help you out with lower time-consumption and cost. Try out the first program Streaming Music Recorder immediately.

Online songs recorder

First download Streaming Music Recorder>>

Open this webpage and play the song. The songs “Who says” will be grabbed automatically once you press “On”. Just a few seconds, you will unite the doubts about how to record online songs.

record online songs

Attention here: Remember, make clear “directory folder” to save recordings from “Settings”. If you want to change format to wav, ogg, aac etc, you also set format here.

You need to do this after recording online songs

Do not forget this indispensable step: Gather all recorded songs and make your personal music playlist. Add a star album, song title, artist name and other conventional items to recordings in order to retrieve and quickly find songs for later listening. All these music information will be displayed by editing ID3 tags.

Other online music sites are always filled with lots of cool songs, a nice try to record music from Pandora, facebook, grooveshark, MySpace, yahoo Launchcast music etc. Also you can record radio from XM radio stations, Last fm, BBC radio. It’s quite simple to proceed online songs recording with Streaming Music Recorder.

You may adopt these methods to get online song recording

Audacity: Applicable to Windows, Mac OS X, Linux system. Download and install audacity, set input source “wave out”, start recording, customize mp3 as export format. Perhaps this tool will give you some ambient and mingled sounds for it records sound from microphone.

Windows sound recorder: Simply run this inside sound recorder on windows, find sound recorder device on your system, then start recording online songs. It saves as wma file by default. Some silence duration is hard to control here, you’d better be more attention to this.

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