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Shoutcast might have been a great experience for mass of online radio listeners; you will always find some wonderful radio programs and melodious music that are available on it. I guess most of you will say shoutcast is fantastic so that you feel the impulse to record shoutcast stream on your PC, iPod or other preferred portable devices.

Are you still looking for some online radio-recording device? If you haven’t found an appropriate way for recording shoutcast yet, maybe it’s a chance for me to introduce a method to you. You might as well look at the following article.

Here is what you need to record shoutcast radio

Yes, Streaming Music Recorder is an amazing application for you rip shoutcast stream and guess what. This one is really a simple one; just a few clicks can let you save music or radio on your players. First, let me share its tutorials with everyone who is interested in it.

record shoutcast radio

Tutorials on how to record shoutcast

Note: Download and launch Streaming Music Recorder

1. Record shoutcast radio to mp3, wav, wma, ogg, aac. You did it by presetting output formats.
2. Open and play what you like to listen.

Note: For instance, if you want to record web radio like pandora, iLike, deezer, napster, rhapsody and many other ones, all the steps remain the same. Just select the music or web shows from these sites.

3. Choose “Record” to begin with, right after you record shoutcast streams, hit “off” to finish the job. Add them to your playlist, its embedded player will get your recorded music for playing.

how to record shoutcast

Just as you see, all that stuff is done. Enjoy thousands of radio or streaming music on and save them on your indicated folder with tagged artist, title and other detailed information. Its ID3 tag feature can do all things for you. This one can not only record what you hear from sound card and microphone, but also do a nice job in converting, burning music CDs, editing your audio files etc. Is this one you’ve pickled to record streaming sound from internet?

Download it now>>

Windows sound recorder aid you to record shoutcast stream

This affiliated tool is only for windows based computer. You do not have to install any other software on your computer. First attach your microphone to your computer, open the Start menu and choose All Programs, then select sound recorder from Accessories, click “Record” to record shoutcast streaming music or web radio. Lastly save as command in your desired destination directory. Attention here: you are able to record shoutcast stream from microphone only.

According to the above-mentioned means, you won’t be worried about how to record shoutcast. If you want to get a totally free one, windows sound recorder is your first priority. But if you decide to record sound once for all such as make automatic settings, burn music CDs as well as edit them, Streaming Music Recorder must be a good alternative.

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