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Thousands of online radio sites make our life lively and brings endless fun. When you open the pages aimlessly in your browser, you look at what. YouTube, Pandora, Grooveshark, Last fm, shoutcast, napster or other popular internet radio sites, perhaps all these will be your first choice.

You might enjoy listening to radio programs or music around the world. But the modern pace of life is just too fast, even some of you cannot take any extract time to listen to live radio online. Do you wanna save time but not miss any live radio programs? If you do, the simplest being the best way is to record streaming radio on your players without direct accessing to internet so that you can hear them whenever you are free.

record streaming radio

Superb software program to record live streaming radio

With the current technology of today, you should not concern yourself about how to record live radio stream. Indeed, it is possible for you to use some audio recording software. What follows is a piece of application intended to record radio; I believe you will find this program to meet all your requirements.

Streaming Music Recorder

Streaming Music Recorder exactly lives up to its name; it enables users to record live streaming radio, music and your own voice etc as well as support convert any type of audio files to popular formats directly like MP3, WAV, OGG, AAC etc. The process is surprisingly easy. Please kindly refer to the following.

First download and run this program>>

Next, simply find the shows or stations you desire to record. Head over to “Record” button, unless you specify your output format as wav, ogg, aac etc, or it regularly record live radio into mp3 file. Surely, you ought to remember to set your destination folder from “Settings” icon. You’ll then start recording live radio. Simply click “on”. Last, mouse click “play” to try out whether record correctly or not.

record live streaming radio

Focus here: In the process of recording, try to minimize any noise as possible as you can. In this way, you are able to record live internet radio shows with high quality.

You might prefer to do this: record yahoo messenger voice; Record any sound being streamed across the internet; Record sound from CD, DVD, flash video, microphone or any other media players; Burn YouTube music to CD; Edit your audio recordings and add awesome sound effects. In fact, a few mouse clicks to get all things done with Streaming Music Recorder.

Record streaming radio from Top5 radio stations

1. Yahoo! LaunchCast Pop ( Free register an account to listen to your favorite music and radio shows)
2. BBC Radio (Access to the world with latest news and information )
3. KISS 108 – Boston (Dozens of free channels carry a wide variety of entertainment)
4. Shoutcast Radio ( The best place to experience different and specialized niche music)
5. Live365 Internet Radio (This channel provides you with various styles music to suit your taste)

The above idea is more than just personal opinion. Hope you have fun recording live radio here.

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