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How to record XM radio

SiriusXM radio provides its users with internet radio programs whose content involves every aspect including music, religion, news, politics, family, sports, entertainment and many more. Needless to say, XM radio is one of the world’s most well loved sites. You might have a thought to record XM radio for your devices, here got one solution for you – Streaming Music Recorder, take it as you like.

record XM radio 

Step by step: How to record XM radio

1. Download XM radio Recorder: The installation process takes less than two minutes. Please follow it step by step.
2. Double click the icon to run Streaming Music Recorder, login XM radio with your account. Tune to XM radio programs you would like to record, and then play them.
3. Hit on “Record” to start recording XM radio. After you press “On” button, the sniffer will detect the radio streams.

record XM radio to mp3
4. Stop recording XM radio by clicking “Off”.

Record XM radio to mp3

As we know, most portable devices support mp3 format; so if you want to save XM radio to your PC, iPod or mp3 player, one thing to do is converting them into mp3 format. Just have the aid of its converter function. Click “Add” button to choose audio files for converting, and then specify output format. Now you record XM radio online successfully as mp3 files. Surely, you are also able to convert music into WMA, OGG, AAC, WAV etc.

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Record XM radio online to CD

I guess most of users like listening XM radio channels in their car, so it is quite necessary to burn them to CD. Several clicks will make you attainable. The only thing left is to employ its “CD Burner”. If you wanna gain some detailed procedures, just refer to the following posts: How to burn music from YouTube.

SiriusXM radio programs lists recommended:

XM67: Real Jazz – Classic Jazz Show ( music)
XM84: Sports Center AM Show(sports)
XM218: NBA Play – By – Play (sports)
XM118: BBC World Service(news/public)
XM131: Family Talk (religion)
XM96: Laugh US (comedy)
XM104: Sirius XM Stars Too (entertainment)
XM78: Kids Place Live (family/health)
XM134: Track & Weather
XM126: FOX News Talk (politics)
XM63: The Message (christian)
XM20: E Street Radio (rock)

All these XM radio channels cover all aspects of human life and can make you access to the world. You can choose any one that you are interested in. XM radio exists around our life and brings much pleasure in our routine work. Just record SiriusXM radio shows of your choice.

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