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Without a doubt, YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms on which users could share and watch videos. However, still a large number people listen to their favorite songs on YouTube when they cannot take them on iTunes or any other free online sources.

rip songs off YouTube

So if you are like them, you might ask whether there is any way to rip songs off YouTube, but don’t want the video with it. Maybe you will be besieged with the question. Do not concern yourself, one thing you need is a program called Streaming Music Recorder that allows users to record streaming music from the internet.

The following instruction will exactly tell you how to rip music off YouTube video. Just two steps will make it. Let’s spare a few minutes to see how it works:

Step1: How to rip songs from YouTube

Download YouTube song ripper to your PC and start installation. After this, navigate to and play a video where you wanna rip music tracks off YouTube. Then click on the “Record”, you can customize the music output format like MP3, WAV and any other popular formats by making some settings.

rip songs off of youtube

Step2: Convert the downloaded YouTube music file for your gadgets

If you do not save your music file as the right format for iPhone4 or any other devices in the first step, after you rip a song off of a YouTube video, hit “audio converter” tools to start conversion. Just convert it to MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG etc for your iPod and cell phones. This YouTube song ripper and converter will give you more choices to get things accomplished.

You see, Streaming Music Recorder can rip songs off YouTube and carry out formats conversion in a simple and cool way. You may could not think of that you can easily achieve what you want. Yes, you did it. Have fun ripping songs from YouTube.

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1. Besides ripping songs from YouTube, with Streaming Music Recorder, you can also rip songs from many free online music players like MySpace music, Imeem, Deezer etc. For instance, it can be used as a Pandora music ripper and Grooveshark music ripper as well as a lot more.

2. Use its editor to compose your mobile ringtones. After you rip songs off YouTube, split and select the highlights of songs as your fashionable ringtones. You must like it.

3. Burn your YouTube music files to your CDs so that you can listen to your favorite songs without connecting to the internet. Just enjoy it on your home CD player.

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