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How to save music from YouTube to mp3

YouTube is an ideal place for audiences to share user-generated content and opinions, which also provides a platform for the exchange of video clips. Especially for some music fans, you are sure to appreciate different styles of music here. In a certain sense, if you save music from YouTube, you can organize your own music library by creating the folders with your favorite music tracks.

How to save music from YouTube in seconds

Obviously, you should draw support from some recording application to save music. It doesn’t require much exertion for you get a program, but definitely a bit tricky to find a super easy one. In order to save a good deal of trouble, you might as well take your time to see these methods.

save music from YouTube videos

Methods to save music from YouTube videos

Method1: Sound recording device

Honestly, this is windows only application. Before utilizing this toolkit, you should first have your microphone worked well on your computer. All programs – Accessories – Sound recorder. It can save YouTube music through your microphone. You’d better choose a good microphone on the quality side.

Method2: Streaming Music Recorder

Once you are apt to save YouTube music to mp3, this music-recording program will immediately retrieve the music and automatically save music as mp3 on your destination directory.

Before you save music from YouTube videos, make sure everything is in order:

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Next to do: 1. Open the recording software, click on “Settings” choosing mp3, wma, wav, ogg etc as your output format. Remember to create designated folder. If you do not specify output format, when you start recording, it will save mp3 from YouTube directly. 2. View the video you want to save music from and hit “On” to start recording.

save music from YouTube

Method3: Audacity

This one is highly recommended by some users, no doubt, it is a free recording software to save streaming music from the internet as well as record web shows. In the Audacity’s toolbar, just choose “Wave Out” or “Stereo Mix” as the input source. Then you can start recording.

Which one is better to save YouTube music?

By comparison, you know fairy well which one is the most suitable for you. When you decide to choose method1 to save youtube music to mp3, don’t expect high sound quality because that’s not what you’re going to get, microphone will inevitably bring some fuzzy sound.

Method3 will let you save music from YouTube onto your computer for free, but a bit hard to handle.

As for Streaming Music Recorder, burning, editing, converting and ID3 tag function work well. All things can be reduced to one program. You can also skip recording silence.

How to save a music video from youtube

Some music videos are simply too great to pass up. Thus, a great number of people would like to save music video from YouTube directly. Why not give it a try for Streaming Video Recorder. It will detect the URL automatically and download music video for you.

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